Your data is your most powerful efficiency tool. We unlock it.

Energy Data

Sapient meters capture real-time data on every electrical load.


Intuitive software makes energy efficiency easy.

Actionable Insights

Efficiencies are surfaced and implemented.

Energy Data

Digitize Your Electrical Infrastructure

Convert Old Panels into Smart Panels

Our industrial grade smart CTs clamp on quickly to each breaker, without disrupting your electrical service.

Installation on each panel takes minutes, making it easy to get real-time energy and performance data on every equipment in your portfolio.

Real-Time Whole-Building Energy Data

We flip the script on the traditional utility bill by tapping into the power of real-time data at the utility meter.

Our whole-building meters not only empower customers to prevent exorbitant demand charges and high bills, but also do more, like monitor power quality and automate carbon reporting.

IoT Enable Your Building Out-of-the-Box

Your Sapient system comes with a robust, industry leading, secure and isolated IoT network that can be deployed rapidly with no additional wiring.

Our IoT network future proofs your buildings so you can take on more digital transformation projects without the biggest barrier to entry.

Our Value

Achieve efficient buildings ahead of schedule and under budget.


Energy Data That’s Easy to Use

Energy Data That’s Self Aware

For every electron we monitor, we know exactly where it’s coming from, what equipment it’s powering, and what role it plays in your building.

This makes it easy for us to show you where and when you should and shouldn’t be using electricity.

Dashboards That Make it Easy to Find Efficiencies

Whether it’s checking on your largest loads, shaving your peak demand, or eliminating your base loads, Sapient makes it easy for anyone on your team to unlock actionable insights that lead to measurable efficiencies.

Workflows to Discover More

Gone are the days of relying on expensive consultants to look at your own data. With better design and smarter software, we’ve simplified the process of using better data to make better decisions from months to minutes.

AI to Increase Speed to Insight

With an intimate understanding of your building, our machine learning and AI surfaces anomalous usage patterns and equipment behavior, helping you maintain peak performance.

Equipment-level Insight Enables Targeted Action

The real-time and historical electrical fingerprint of all your equipment is easily accessible, simplifying root cause analysis and eliminating hours of expensive labor.

Advanced AI leverages granular data to enable predictive and condition-based maintenance without additional sensors or integrations.

Our Capabilities

Take advantage of the single most impactful energy conservation measure.


Outperforming the Competition

Hardware + software

Metering on every circuit in every panel is our standard.

Insights at an actionable level

Understand buildings, systems and equipment, not sensors.

Nothing but the truth

Plan, prioritize, and measure every efficiency project.

Works on any building

Any size, any type, with or without BAS.

No risky integrations

We operate standalone or integrated into other systems.