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A radically better way of achieving efficient buildings.

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We make sense of the world’s demand for electricity.


Buildings contribute over 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Over 60% of demand for electricity comes from our buildings. With 2.3 trillion square feet to be added by 2060 and most existing buildings here to stay, tackling the growing energy waste in our buildings has become critical to a low carbon future.

The Problem

Companies are making bold commitments and falling short. But it’s not their fault.

Facility, energy, and sustainability teams face a scarcity of actionable data, making an empirical, targeted, and capital-efficient approach to building efficiency impossible.

Irrelevant data stuck in disjointed siloes isn’t getting the job done. Simply put - without the right data, organizations are stuck with best guesses based on generic assumptions.


smart buildings

Our Technology

We believe solving energy efficiency starts with understanding energy consumption.

The energy efficiency industry has been hamstrung by the costs and technical challenges of acquiring and leveraging energy data to take data-driven action.

We’ve eliminated these challenges with an integrated platform that seamlessly collects granular energy data and unlocks the vast potential it has to enable efficient, grid-responsive buildings.

Hardware + software

Metering on every circuit in every panel is our standard.

Insights at an actionable level

Understand buildings, systems and equipment, not sensors.

Nothing but the truth

Plan, prioritize, and measure every efficiency project.

Works on any building

Any size, any type, with or without BAS.

No risky integrations

We operate standalone or integrated into other systems.


the right data

Our Value

We help the world’s leading organizations deliver efficient buildings ahead of schedule and under budget.

We offer a turnkey energy digitization and optimization platform that eliminates the risks for facility, energy and sustainability teams in achieving carbon, financial, and operational goals.

We combine next generation electricity metering, bleeding edge software, and superior building science services to enable the most intuitive, actionable, and high-impact energy intelligence platform ever built.


smart grids

The Future

The development of the power grid began over a century ago.

Today, with the shift to intermittent renewable generation and broad-scale electrification, we are exceeding the capabilities of our grid.

The vast proportion of electrical demand coming from our buildings necessitates a new paradigm of energy intelligence that enables grid-responsive buildings that maintain the continuity of building operations and the resiliency of the grid.


We’re here to provide a viable and achievable path to efficient buildings that enable us to meet global carbon reduction requirements. We’re assembling the industry’s most talented roster of problem solvers, technologists, building scientists, and gearheads aligned on an ambitious mission.


We work directly with the world’s largest enterprises, and through key industry partners, to help innovative organizations achieve new levels of efficiency in their buildings and adopt the measures needed to decarbonize the grid.