Plug load management and analytics system

Optimize your floor space, identify unused equipment, automate efficient energy consumption, improve safety, and reduce environmental impact

The final frontier of building efficiency

The fastest growing sources of waste in buildings today have one thing in common - they can all be addressed with data from outlets. Sapient has unlocked the potential of plug load analytics and created an entirely new way to improve building efficiency.

Sapient optimizes not only your energy consumption, but also your space, equipment, and occupants’ behavior using machine learning.
Sapient devices stand between your equipment and your building's main power supply to prevent damage and fires before they occur.
Reduce your costs and your environmental impact by automating optimal power delivery to every device in your building.

Live power data

Efficiency via Big Data

Sapient devices collect more data points on your building than any other system on the market - on average, 11,000,000 data points per day.


Safety by Proaction, Not Reaction

Protect your occupants, equipment, and building from invisible electrical faults, equipment malfunction, and personal injury by preventing hazards before they occur.

automate efficiency

Intelligent Energy Delivery

Set rules to control the thousands of electrical sockets and devices in your building within seconds.


Save on more than just the utility bill

Explore the Sapient Framework of sustainability