Building analytics powered by machine learning


True building efficiency is not the result of making small incremental changes — it is the result of taking a holistic, global approach to improving every aspect of your building.

Equipment Redundancy

Identifying equipment in your operation that you don't need (or, are overusing) is effortless. Sapient analytics identify the equipment for you, and present it to you in your monthly report.

Just because it's used, doesn't mean it's needed
Reduce your PPE by 2-5%
Recycle hundreds of pounds of toxic waste

Space management

Power consumption data is an excellent metric for understanding the when, what, and where of occupants in your building. Sapient helps you identify space that you’re misusing and could repurpose to drive productivity.

Identify unused areas of your building
Consolidate your underused space
Optimize the productivity of your building

Environmental Impact

The future of sustainability is a holistic approach driven by streamlining every aspect of your building’s operations. Sapient reduces the energy, equipment, and even space that your operation actually needs.

Increase floor space efficiency
Reduce your utility bill
Identify and recycle hundreds of pounds of E-Waste


Outdated circuit breakers aren't enough to protect the growing number of electronics in our buildings.

Anomaly detection

Voltage and current alarms will trigger an auto-shutoff and email notification immediately.

Equipment degradation

Export Sapient data for ultra high-resolution insight into the performance of equipment.

Proactive maintenance

Backup your hunches with data and prevent expensive repair costs by taking action in advance.

Peace of mind

Most electrical fires occur after-hours and on the weekends. Sapient adds a powerful tool to your building safety toolbox.


Overall energy demand is trending upward, and we're plugging in more devices than ever. Intelligent device-level power delivery is a must.

Plug load reduction

Plug load will soon comprise nearly 50% of building energy consumption, and yet it remains largely unmetered and uncontrolled. Through granular data-driven insights and automated control, Sapient is able to reduce building plug load by up to 50%.

Demand peak shaving

The industry standard for reducing demand during peak hours relies on strategic control of HVAC systems. Sapient is the first and only solution capable of reducing demand peaks by up to 30% by controlling plugged-in loads alone.


Modern commercial buildings rely on hard-wired, circuit-wide meters at best to drill down into their utility bill, but the future of hyper efficient operations is data driven. Sapient is an infinitely flexible, instantly customizable sub-metering solution that opens doors to new dis-aggregation paradigms.