Using Plug Load Management for a Safe Return to Work

As most companies begin implementing phased return-to-work programs, with some timelines indicating a return to full occupancy as late as Q2 2021, organizations are searching for the technology and tools that help keep up with shifting guidelines.

Sapient has developed tools to help organizations enforce guidelines and monitor compliance.

Many office floor plans were not designed with distance in mind.  Flexible work spaces designed for hoteling, collaboration and group work need to be reconsidered in return to work strategies. Influencing the habits and ingrained behaviors of occupants can be a challenging task - but we can help.

Enforcing Social Distancing: Using Plug Load Management to Power Specific Workstations

With Sapient, facilities managers can leverage the equipment and workstation utilization data to enhance and enforce social distancing protocols in the post-COVID workplace environment. The Sapient platform allows building administrators to control power delivery to each individual workstation in their facility. In order to ensure that employees are following social distancing protocols, building administrators can deactivate specific workstations by cutting power delivery to them and ensure that employees are working at safe distances.

Create Contact Audit Trails: Using Plug Load Management to Monitor Compliance

Under circumstances where workstations are used intermittently during different periods of time, or for facilities with hoteling arrangements, the Sapient platform can provide insight into whether employees are following social distancing protocols. Alerts are sent to administrators in instances or periods of concurrent adjacency, or when employees were working concurrently at unsafe distances, creating a contact audit trail based on granular energy data and advanced analytics.

If you’re interested in learning more about how plug load management can help drive energy efficiency in your building and enhance social distancing protocols, you can find more information here.