The Future of Energy Management

Understanding the problems with existing BMS’s and knowing that the most vital resource in our lives goes grossly unmanaged, what are we prepared to do about it? Understanding that old analog hardware allowed this negligence to become so ubiquitous, what kind of innovation would be necessary to modernize our electrical grid?

Enter Sapient.

Introducing the Sapient Autonomous Energy Management System as the long-overdue solution. The Sapient AEMS is engineered to fundamentally change the way we interact with electricity, visualizing your facility’s energy use in greater detail than ever before, and offering actionable, automated interventions to building inefficiencies.

But how does our system do that? What sets the Sapient AEMS apart, and what technologies allow it to work at this pioneering level?

The core of the problem is waste at the socket resulting from human behavior. Modern outlets are connected to an electrical grid that makes no distinction between devices, but these outlets are the points of connection between the grid and every electrical device that uses it.


We began by totally re-engineering outlets, those old, unavoidable, 19th-century relics. In their place, we install Sapient smart outlets. These are wirelessly-connected, power-sensing devices that collect energy usage data of the devices that are plugged into them. While previous systems aggregated electricity consumption data on an inactionably-remote, building-wide  level, our hardware collects data every few milliseconds for every individual device at each individual socket.

To make this data actionable, we append a second type of information. Occupancy sensors drive another aspect to the AEMS solution. Infrared, machine vision sensors installed throughout your building provide insight into traffic flow, real-time room and desk-level occupancy, and hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly trends.

Consider any workspace in your facility. Does it see more use on Fridays? What about Fridays before holidays? It is important to know how usage changes over time. In fact, knowing how a facility’s needs change is the very basis of intelligent consumption.

Within days, the occupancy sensors of the Sapient system construct a visualization of the flow of people through the various rooms in your facility. Similar to the collection of plug load data, identified occupancy trends inform building automation. With the knowledge of when, where, and by whom power is consumed, our software generates rules that facilitate optimized energy use.

Rules are schedules for when a device should be consuming power and when it should not. The generation of these rules is more nuanced than a simple combination of where a person is and whether they’re using a device, it is a delicate balance of the user’s presence, schedule, and the function of a device. Standby mode, communal displays, boot-up time, and many other factors are taken into account when generating the most effective rules. The strength of the Sapient AEMS is that it learns and anticipates, but the innovation is that it automates.

The core of the issue is that human behavior is unreliable, easily-distracted, and slow to change. Once analyzed, Sapient machine learning algorithms produce the rules that remotely automate the delivery of power to all of the uniquely-identified sockets in your facility.

Actionability is the value of the Sapient solution. With the Sapient AEMS, energy use becomes tangible and intuitive. While other systems are limited to alerting you of discrepancies in the energy distribution of your facility, the Sapient AEMS automatically addresses those discrepancies and optimizes the energy consumption of your building.

BMS’s should be doing more. These archaic systems should be recognizing problems where human observation would not, and they should be fixing those problems where human diligence is not enough.

Every component of the Sapient AEMS is engineered to work for you. Every component is designed to address the living, breathing needs of your facility. At Sapient, we are committed to showing you that intelligent energy is finally within reach.