Installing the Sapient System

There might be a hundred reasons to install a BMS system.

They save money. They save labor. They reduce your carbon footprint, and generally speaking, make your facilities more pleasant. All it takes, though, is one obstacle to get in the way of installation. And what could be a more cumbersome obstacle than a wall?

Building management systems work behind the scenes to integrate, control, and sometimes automate a facility’s utilities. To do their jobs, their sensors and equipment must interface with the systems they regulate. Water and gas management must be at the pipe, sensing flow. Security management must be comprehensive and hidden, within walls, behind doors, and inside server rooms. And all of these building management technologies have to be powered, often resulting in significant subcontractor time spent getting power to all of the sensors, meters, cameras, and equipment.

On one end of the spectrum, a minimalist BMS installation aggregates information about the building, leaving you in the dark about the granular details, but saves you the drywall work. On the other end it could mean pulling up hundreds of pounds of sheetrock for a single floor of renovation, large up-front costs that require budgeting several years out, and all for insight into your building with little to no automation capability.

At Sapient, we’re intimately aware of the logistical problems with legacy BMS systems. To that end, the Sapient solution is designed to make installation as simple and painless as possible.

Our smart outlets and smart power strips dispense with the industry-standard of invasive installation processes entirely. Where other BMS and EMS systems require intrusive, sub-contracted technicians, our outlets and power strips circumvent these problems by being the sensing component. Installation is as easy as plugging your cell phone charger into the wall.

Our installation philosophy stems from our fundamental goal of automating your building with insight from the plug. Where legacy systems would cut corners and read data from aggregate electrical flows at the floor or facility level, the Sapient system starts at the source of this information: the plug. To optimize your building in the way that we do, it’s not enough to know the energy consumption of an entire floor or even a room. It’s about every individual socket and device in your building.

If one option is scheduling technicians to rewire your walls, and the other is plugging in a few dozen outlets, which would you choose? Add the fact that the Sapient suite dramatically cuts your electricity consumption and operating expenses, and you can see that our EMS is not just a convenience. It truly changes the game.