HVAC and Lighting; Stealing the Spotlight

There is an energy imbalance at work in our buildings, and it has consequences for our energy bills.

At its heart, it is an imbalance of our attitudes toward what can and should be optimized, and where we can find energy savings. It is natural to want to cut expenditure from our power usage. And for years, the two prime candidates for these optimizations have been HVAC and lighting. The logic is simple: combined, HVAC and lighting make up over half of your facility’s energy use. It certainly helps that heat and light are conspicuous—they jump out at us as potential drains that should be made as efficient as possible as quickly as possible.

But as HVAC and lighting systems are optimized again and again by the latest round of advances in green technology, every new gadget adds to the plug load of your building. These appliances and machines drawing power from plugs are overlooked, neglected, disregarded.

Each offender is small, and likely has a negligible effect on your bill. But taken in aggregate, each formerly unassuming, miscellaneous machine combines to form an energy sink that easily rivals those associated with HVAC or lighting.

And fueled by these attitudes, the imbalance is growing. The Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook, published in 2018, projects that as HVAC/lighting improve and plug load increases, by 2030, the average facility could be experiencing 46% of total building energy consumption at the outlet.

Percentage of Total Building Power.png

Our skewed energy position is fueled in both directions. Our plug loads are bearing the weight of more and more gadgetry, and our HVAC and lighting systems are constantly targeted as low hanging fruit. Nothing is wrong with that, so to speak. After all, it’s a good thing that we have become so effective at minimizing loss from HVAC and lighting.

The Sapient Team believes it’s time to target the higher-hanging fruit.

The Sapient product suite finally brings visualization, quantification and automation to your plug loads. It is not only an increase in resolution, it is a gain of function. Do you know precisely how each TV, cell phone, desktop computer, laptop, refrigerator, water cooler, fax machine, server, and coffee maker contributes to your energy bill? The list only goes on.

This problem is why each Sapient smart plug has been designed to measure the energy drawn by its companion appliance or device. You learn precisely what is being consumed by each TV, cell phone, desktop computer, laptop, refrigerator, water cooler, fax machine, server, and coffee maker, and how that consumption is aggregated across each room, floor or even region of your building.

Sapient doesn’t stop at a mere energy audit. Sapient condenses decades of optimization and advancement into one product. Not by taking the route of HVAC/lighting and actually improving the mechanisms of the appliances—that would be impossible. There are thousands of appliances and devices in every building.

By diagnosing, parameterizing and automating healthy energy practices, Sapient smart outlets cut power to devices that are not in use. All of the useless or neglected behavioral inefficiencies that contribute to the bloat of plug draw are eliminated.

Instead of building a better coffee maker, Sapient builds your better coffee maker.

Different industries will have different ways of combating this HVAC/lighting/plug imbalance, depending on what appliances and devices they have running and how they manage them. The only inappropriate response is inaction.

Sapient offers a product that brings resolution to every outlet, and goes on to provide automation that ensures that every machine is running as efficiently as it can be. Stop ignoring what was previously hard to measure and harder to fix. Let Sapient pull that fruit-branch down, and cut your energy bill.