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The Sapient System

The Sapient Plug Load Management System is an ensemble of installed smart outlets and smart power strips run by our cloud-based dashboard. Data collected at each socket is used to generate behavioral models that automate efficient delivery of power to your devices.


Control Dashboard

Built for building owners, managers, and more.

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Smart Outlets

Monitoring and controlling energy delivery to the thousands of devices in your building.


No Up-Front Costs

Activate - Plug In - Save


Plug Load

Over the next ten years, plug load is predicted to reach nearly 45% of total building energy consumption and surpass HVAC and lighting to make up the single largest portion of a building’s total energy consumption.

As HVAC, lighting and building envelopes have become more efficient and the number of small devices in buildings rising, miscellaneous devices are making up an increasingly large share of buildings' energy consumption.

  1. Devices unintentionally left on overnight

  2. Devices left on in between use during the day

  3. Devices you don't need on during the night

  4. Devices you don't know are costing you so much

  5. Devices you can't easily turn off when they're not in use

  6. Devices that outnumber your ability to individually control

  7. Devices that you don’t need in the first place, but don’t know it.


Percentage of Total Building Power

U.S. Department of Energy, 2018