The Sapient System

The Sapient Plug Load Management System is an ensemble of installed smart outlets and smart power strips run by our cloud-based machine learning platform. Data collected at each socket is used to generate behavioral models that inform the automation of more efficient human behaviors.



• Disaggregate building-wide power usage

• Identify and deconstruct demand peaks to see which devices drive power consumption

• Detect device types as they’re plugged in

• Automate the elimination of wasteful behaviors

• Track occupancy trends, KPS’s, and real-time demand response

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Sapient is partnered with TP-Link to equip your outlets with cloud-connected smart outlets and power strips in order to collect device power usage and allow for autonomous control from the Sapient web application.


No Up-Front Costs

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Plug Load

Small device usage is on the rise while HVAC and Lighting systems are becoming more efficient. With thousands of devices being used in your business comes new ways to waste energy.

  1. Devices unintentionally left on overnight

  2. Devices left on in between use during the day

  3. Devices you don't need on during the night

  4. Devices you don't know are costing you so much

  5. Devices you can't easily turn off when they're not in use

  6. Devices that outnumber your ability to individually control

  7. Devices that you don’t need in the first place, but don’t know it.


Percentage of Total Building Power

U.S. Department of Energy, 2018

36% of Your Energy Needs

Without a plug load management system, do you know how much you’re paying to power these devices:

Commercial Building Consumption by Type

U.S. Department of Energy, 2018