Sapient EMS


The Sapient Autonomous Energy Management System (AEMS) is an ensemble of installed smart outlets and occupancy sensors run by our cloud-based machine learning platform. Data collected at the outlets and sensors is used to generate behavioral models that inform the automation of more efficient human behaviors.





Sapient is partnered with TP-Link to equip your outlets with cloud-connected smart outlets and power strips in order to collect device power usage and allow for autonomous control from the Sapient web application.

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No Up-Front Costs

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Plug Load


More than Vampire Current

Waste is everywhere because those that live and work in your building have no incentive to save you money. Consider:

  1. Devices unintentionally left on overnight

  2. Devices left on in between use during the day

  3. Devices you don't need on during the night

  4. Devices you don't know are costing you so much

  5. Devices you can't easily turn off when they're not in use

  6. Devices that outnumber your ability to individually control

  7. Devices that you don’t need in the first place.


The occupancy of your building is an essential metric for increasing efficiency. Most electrical waste is caused by wasteful human behavior. Equipped with outdated metering tools and insufficient data, current building management systems lack the insight and control to address that critical source of waste. The Sapient system will eliminate nearly all vampire draw and behaviorally-driven electrical waste in your building. Integrate it with your existing building management systems to maximize cost reductions in heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.


Aggregate Power Demand For Average Commercial Space

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Optimize Your Operation

Insight - Automation - Efficiency




Whether you manage a facility, an entire building, or several tenants, the Sapient plug load management system has tools designed to make your life easier. Anticipate problems before they happen, get real-time feedback about how your tenants use their space, and even supplement your facilities ticketing service by correlating occupancy and usage.