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The Sapient Lab is a place for existing and potential system owners, as well as third party analysts and enthusiasts to get the inside scoop on pre-release features, beta tests, and development timelines.
System Owners

If your facility is already equipment with a Sapient system, explore how you can try out new features ahead of official release below.

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External Collaborators

Don't own a Sapient system? No problem. Explore how you can try out a Sapient system and sample data below.

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Sapient Lab for System Owners

Unlock access to unreleased, cutting-edge features in exchange for feedback and input.

Beta test unreleased features

We're constantly building new and exciting features to help our customers maximize their impact. As a Lab member, your facility will test drive these features before their official release.

Access to our future feature roadmap

Help us decide what to build next. Join our monthly roadmap webinars on features being considered by our product team. See what we've got on the back-burner and help prioritize the features that you want to see.

Contribute to our growing ML library

Lab members can opt into receiving special tools for dedicated "training equipment" that will be used to improve our Auto-Labeling algorithms.

Try out new hardware

Explore the cutting edge of IoT connectivity and intelligence with new Sapient devices. Try out new devices for industrial equipment, HVAC, lighting, and more.

Sapient Lab for External Collaborators

Data collection, analysis, and more.

Contribute to our growing ML library

Lab members are given priority for specialized Sapient devices used for collecting hyper-enriched machine learning data. You may also volunteer to use our dedicated "Person Learner" software designed to use human intuition to teach our ML models.

Explore our sample data

Whether you're an energy analyst, considering a Sapient system of your own, or are simply interested in ML, Lab members also get access to the Sapient Plug Load Playground containing sample data, helper Python code, and resources to get up and running with large-scale plug load data experiments.

Sapient Lab

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