Firmware Engineer


If you find yourself fascinated with IoT, sensors, and using sensors to collect data and automate the hassle out of your life, this is the position for you. Our hyper-intelligent smart plug technology is the foundation of our innovative IOT-based energy management solution, and we are looking to add a team member who can help us innovate even further. Signal processing, machine learning, big data, IoT, electrical engineering, and more are what you might encounter in one week.

We’re a Philly-based startup focused on sustainable, deliberate growth which, to us, means maintaining a work environment that provides a high quality of life for our team members, setting achievable targets, and creating a work culture where we can grow as ambitious engineers.

What you'll do

  • Have fun and be yourself
  • Maintain and develop firmware for a line of smart outlet and sensor products deployed in the hundreds of thousands across 5 countries
  • Scientifically explore innovative ways to push the limits of what's possible with our data and hardware
  • Problem solve and support our cloud engineering team
  • Propose optimizations to our system and devices for performance/scalability, reliability, and cost
  • Build automation to support deployment and release cycles
  • Follow your natural curiosity to research and learn technologies and techniques that will make our product better

Skills and requirements

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience writing firmware
  • 1 + years working with LoRa/LoRaWAN
  • 1+ years working with AWS IoT (or the Azure/Google Cloud equivalents)
  • Ability to select the most appropriate AWS services to solve a given problem based on cost, performance, and reliability requirements

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of networking— WiFi, signal diagnosis
  • Backend software engineering skills