Field Operations Manager


We're in need of an individual to manage our growing national network of field technicians. As new customers are onboarded, this individual's responsibility would be to ensure that the logistics of hardware provisioning and shipping are taken care of, as well as field technician sourcing, assignment, and training.

What you'll do

  • Coordinate the installation of Sapient in state of the art commercial facilities all over the world
  • Manage a growing national network of installation field technicians
  • Manage the logistics of customer fulfillment and scheduling
  • Train field technicians to install the Sapient system
  • Work alongside field technicians to install Sapient in facilities all over the world

Skills and requirements

  • 5+ years managing technicians
  • 5+ years with field operations logistics management
  • 5+ years of project management experience

Nice to have

  • Shipping and fulfillment experience
  • Experience creating or planning a fleet management system