AWS DevOps Engineer


If you consider yourself an expert in all things AWS and have a passion for system reliability, we should talk. Our AWS infrastructure is the foundation of our innovative IOT-based energy management solution and we are looking to add a team member who can apply past experience designing and maintaining AWS architectures to our product to ensure world-class reliability and cost effectiveness. We’re a Philly-based startup focused on sustainable, deliberate growth which, to us, means maintaining a work environment that provides a high quality of life for our team members, setting achievable targets, and creating a work culture where we can grow as ambitious engineers.

What you'll do

  • Have fun and be yourself
  • Manage our AWS infrastructure – serverless resources, stream processing, databases, ML, and web
  • Monitor our infrastructure and resolve issues
  • Propose optimizations to our system for performance/scalability, reliability, and cost
  • Build automation to support deployment and release cycles
  • Follow your natural curiosity to research and learn technologies and techniques that will make our product better

Skills and requirements

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with AWS infrastructure where you got paid to do this work
  • Experience managing / monitoring a production system
  • Solid understanding of the AWS services that we use
  • Ability to select the most appropriate AWS services to solve a given problem based on cost, performance, and reliability requirements

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of networking, esp. wireless
  • Familiarity with typical enterprise IT best practices