How it works


Smart devices

Sapient deploys thousands of smart socket devices throughout your building — capturing 100% of your plug load and modernizing your building’s electrical infrastructure.

Device Options

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your assets. Sapient uses machine learning to keep a living list of the equipment you have, where it is, and how much you're paying to power it.

Device Usage Detection

Pages printed, refrigerator compressor cycles, charging vs in-use laptops— all quantified and tracked in real time.

Machine learning analytics

With every socket now collecting vital information on the thousands of plugged-in devices in your building, Sapient uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically label every device in every socket throughout the building.

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Savings beyond the utility bill

In addition to reducing your utility bill by eliminating wasted plug load, Sapient will detect wasted space, identify redundant equipment, and even provide insight into the comfort of your building’s occupants.


Exceed your sustainability goals

Sapient is the first to unlock the power of plug load data analytics for modern hyper-efficient buildings. Discover the impact that a big-data approach to efficiency can have on your operation's bottom line.

Calculate your ROI

Inform your operation's decisions with hard data


Finish your work day with peace of mind


Reduce plug load, demand peaks, and wasteful equipment