Q. What is the sapient system exactly?

A.  The Sapient System is an energy management system that consists of two core technologies: our control dashboard and smart outlets. The role of the control dashboard is to provide facilities managers with all the insight, control, reporting, and automation capabilities that a building-wide deployment of smart outlets can accomplish. The role of our smart outlets is to collect data, including power and device type, from each and every plugged in device in your building, as well as provide socket-level control over whether devices are receiving power.

Q. How much does the sapient system cost?

A. Get your quote here. There are two ways to purchase a Sapient System. 1. Purchase out-right. A one-time installation fee and an annual software subscription fee for access to the control dashboard. Financing is available. 2. Hardware as a Service. Activate the service, receive your hardware in the mail, and plug in. Installation time is generally less than 3 hours.


Q. How much will the sapient system save me?

A. The savings generated are highly dependent on your building's environment and usage. The standalone Sapient system will eliminate nearly all vampire draw and behaviorally-driven electrical waste in your building. That generally translates to about 10% of the total electricity bill for a standard commercial office space. In addition, the Sapient System can also reduce overall operating expenses by understanding which devices over or under-used, regions that are over or under-utilized, and overall operational trends that are wasting resources. A granular and disaggregated picture of how energy is used in your building allows you to:

  • Evaluate office space utilization

  • Track and correlate operating expenses with actual energy costs

  • Evaluate appliance over/under usage

  • Sub-meter regions of your building to better serve tenants

  • Improve safety by detecting anomalies for important devices

  • Manage building code compliance

  • Report machine diagnostics


Q. How is the sapient system installed?

A. 1. Setup your account and building(s) in the Control Dashboard. 2. Receive your hardware in the mail. 3. Plug in.


Q. Does the sapient system integrate with my existing building management system?

A. Soon! For information on an integration with your existing BMS, reach out to us here.


Q. Will the Sapient system ever turn off devices that i don't want turned off?

A. No. The Sapient System is capable of detecting the type of device plugged in after 24 hours of metering its power usage. You can also manually set the device type of a connected device, such as “Desktop Computer” or “Industrial Printer”.


Q. How does the sapient system analyze occupancy?

A. Energy consumption is a great indicator of occupancy. When the Sapient system records power consumed by specific device types in a location of your building, it will infer that an individual is present in that location. This allows Sapient system administrators to calculate “costed occupancy” and “energy density”, or the cost to occupy a space based on the energy consumed, and the amount of energy consumed in a given location respectively. Often, these metrics are more valuable than a simple head count occupancy sensing system, because with energy consumption comes the ability to extrapolate what individuals choose to do in a given location.


Q. What does sapient do with my power usage data?

A. Sapient uses your data in order to train our machine learning algorithms that auto-classify plugged in devices. Historical data is also important for reporting and performance indicators for your facility. Sapient does not sell to or share the data we collect, and all of your data is stored resting encrypted.


Q. How are Sapient devices connected to the sapient cloud?

A. Sapient connect to your building's existing wireless network via 2.4Ghz Wifi. All traffic is encrypted and bandwidth requirements for 50 devices approximates that which is needed for the average person browsing the internet.