Reduced occupancy, increased savings

Occupancy rates are down 94%, but energy consumption is still at 71% of full operating capacity.

Recent research into building energy consumption and occupancy rates through the COVID-19 pandemic indicate a significant amount of energy waste even though many buildings are largely vacant.

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Energy savings while employees work from home

As many companies begin implementing phased return-to-work programs, energy consumption trends indicate an opportunity to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint.
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Enhancing social distancing procedures and workplace safety

Support safety protocols by leveraging Sapient to enhance social distancing.
As the reopening of our economy commences and employees begin returning to the office, their safety and well-being is of paramount importance.

Sapient enhances your existing safety measures and social distancing policies in a post-COVID work environment.
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Assign power to specific workstations

The Sapient system allows building administrators to control power delivery to each individual workstation in their facility.

In order to ensure that employees are following social distancing protocols, Sapient technicians can assist building administrators to deactivate specific workstations by keeping power off and ensuring that employees are working at safe distances.

Create a contact audit-trail

When workstations are used intermittently, or when facilities utilize workstation hoteling, Sapient can provide insight into whether employees are following social distancing protocols.

Sapient can alert administrators to adjacent workstations used concurrently if employees are working at unsafe distances.

COVID-19 Resources

Commonly-needed links to resources to help with your COVID response