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HVAC and Lighting; Stealing the Spotlight

There is an energy imbalance at work in our buildings, and it has consequences for our energy bills. At its heart, it is an imbalance of our attitudes toward what can and should be optimized, and where we can find energy savings. It is natural to want to cut expenditure from our power usage. And for years, the two prime candidates for these optimizations have been HVAC and lighting.

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Installing the Sapient System

On one end of the spectrum, a minimalist BMS installation aggregates information about the building, leaving you in the dark about the granular details, but saves you the drywall work. On the other end it could mean pulling up hundreds of pounds of sheetrock for a single floor of renovation, large up-front costs that require budgeting several years out, and all for insight into your building with little to no automation capability.

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