Dedicated to evolving our understanding of electricity.


At Sapient, we’re committed to bringing our buildings and the way that people interact with them into the twenty-first century. We are building the next generation of energy delivery systems to be affordable, automated, and ubiquitous. Plug load is the final frontier of building controls and efficiency. Our mission is to eliminate waste from our electrical grid.


Spending less shouldn't be expensive.


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Sam Parks


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sam is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in applied physics with research interests in quantum computation and quantum information technology. His experience began in the field of nanotechnology and nanofabrication as a scientist at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology and extends to the field of quantum engineering and computation at the University of Pennsylvania's Quantum Engineering Laboratory as a former applied physics PhD student. While his education includes extensive work in mathematics and computer science, he now develops the core of Sapient's technology suite.

Sam is a Sophia International Scholar, Reagan Fellow, and a recipient of the UPenn Scholar grant. Recently, Sam has spoken at regional eco-engineering and sustainability initiative conferences to inspire his generation of engineers and innovators to collaborate in a unified effort to integrate previously disconnected fields of science into sustainable technology.


Martin Koch


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Martin attended The Wharton School of Business, having studied real estate and law. Prior to co-founding Sapient, Martin explored asset management, as well as real estate and criminal law. Early in his career, he rose to the position of General Manager at a financial institution, managing day-to-day operations, while also serving on the Board of Directors. During this time, he developed a passion for solving big problems in sustainability which eventually lead to his decision to focus exclusively on building Sapient.

Martin is an avid language learner with a lifelong passion for mountain climbing, having spent nearly a year at high-altitude in the Himalayas including on Mount Everest, Chhukung Ri, and Island Peak.


David Solomon

headshots_David S.png

Chief Revenue Officer

David has over 20 years of experience of bringing technology innovation to market across multiple industries. In his role, David is responsible for driving Sapient's global demand, profitable growth, scalable sales operations, and strategic partnerships. For the prior 4 years, David was the Chief Revenue Officer at INTURN, a SaaS B2B company that delivers inventory marketplace liquidity; and 4 years prior to that, he was at eBay Inc, leading Enterprise Business Development that provided innovative solutions from PayPal, Marketplace, and eBay Enterprises. Additionally, he led sales, corporate development, payments, BD operations/finance at GSI Commerce for almost 10 years. David also held positions as an investment banker, owner of a manufacturing business, and an aerospace engineer.

He holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In his spare time, he enjoys playing keeper for a few soccer teams and watching his daughter play lacrosse at GWU.


Dave Bradley


Chief technology officer

Over Dave’s 20-year career in hardware product development he has launched over 30 innovative and award-winning products into medical, computing, and consumer device global markets for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.  He has managed internal and external engineering teams in the US, India, Korea, Europe, and China in the development of world-class products from concept through stable high-volume production.  Previously, Dave managed iPad development programs at Apple.

Today, Dave is Sapient’s Chief Technology Officer– responsible for bringing Sapient AEMS to market. He oversees the selection of manufacturers, designers, and engineering firms that aid in designing, building, and testing our high-quality hardware. 


Steve Martin


Director of Engineering

Steve is driven by unrelenting curiosity and the fun of creating new technologies.  His background in structural engineering led him to a twenty-year career building software systems focused on the virtualization of entire industries. Steve specializes in designing products built on BIM, CAD, GIS, IoT, and visualization technologies to address needs in the engineering, construction and operations lifecycle. Notable solutions he has delivered include web-based 2D and 3D asset management integrations that enabled data-driven exploration and reporting for floor plans and building systems.

Prior to Sapient, Steve established and oversaw the operations of a technology consulting division where he built and led a team of developers to meet the diverse needs of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a lifelong learner who spends his free time listening to technology podcasts at the grocery, turning his old house into a smart home, and playing Minecraft with his kids.


Scott Pickard


Senior Software Engineer

Scott brings fifteen years of experience designing and developing software systems and leading development teams for a variety of industries including defense, finance, bioinformatics and ed-tech. Most recently he lead development teams in creating the Frontline Insights Platform, an integrated suite of SaaS products for K-12 school district administration.

Scott is an expert in building scalable distributed systems and service-oriented architecture. He is a natural problem solver who enjoys collaborating with people of diverse skill sets to create technology that addresses hard problems.


Derek Horkel


Senior Software Engineer

Derek earned his PhD in physics at University of Washington in Seattle with research in theoretical particle physics, focusing on the strong interactions. In his graduate research and later post-doctoral fellowship at Temple University, Derek simulated the interactions of quarks and gluons on a space-time lattice using supercomputing clusters. These simulation results were used to approximate real world fundamental properties of matter.

Before joining Sapient as a software engineer, Derek worked as a machine learning engineer helping develop, run, and deploy models driving phone operations and marketing campaigns. When not learning new programming languages, Derek enjoys going to concerts and reading at home with his wife and two cats.


Sophia Yushchenko


Business Development Analyst

Sophia Yushchenko attended New York University Abu Dhabi, where she studied Economics, Psychology and History. In 2017, Sophia co-founded the NGO Connect Ukraine, which brings together social entrepreneurs and corporates, visionary innovators and creative artists, technologists, and ethical hackers from Ukraine and all over world to brainstorm ideas, develop prototypes and co-create projects able to define the future of Ukraine. She also co-founded the charity organization Children of the World to the Children of Ukraine to support children of Ukraine's fallen soldiers. At Sapient, Sophia focuses on strategic business development and strategy as well as market and competitor analysis.


Vipula Sateesh


Machine learning engineer

Vipula is a graduate student of University of Pennsylvania in Computer Engineering. During her academic career, her focuses were Embedded Systems and Internet Of Things (IOT)- eventually delving into Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits during graduate school. Vipula has developed several end-to-end IOT products, while her current research involves parallel computing on Finite State Machines. 

Vipula started her journey at Sapient in 2017  designing and optimizing printed circuit boards for Sapient's proprietary smart outlet and oversaw the design and implementation of several embedded systems. Currently, she now manages the development of Machine Learning models and experimental algorithms for device detection and modeling human behavior.


Phillip Trent


Embedded Systems Engineer

Phillip is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in computer engineering. He manages the embedded hardware and software subsystems responsible for tracking occupancy and human "hyper-location". His interests are in operating systems security, embedded software, and hardware/software interfaces.

He comes to Sapient with a background at Xilinx in hardware design, operating system development, and automation, as well as UI/UX design and iOS development. In his free time, he enjoys coffee, hiking, wine, and travel.


Vanessa Achoy


Software Engineer

Vanessa is a recent graduate from Vassar College, where she majored in neuroscience and behavior. She is drawn to the computational side of neuroscience and the applications of neural networks and AI to the field. Prior to joining Sapient, she worked as an REU intern in the Murray Lab at Yale University creating variational autoencoders to analyze fMRI data, and did research in her final year at Vassar on information and aesthetics using masked autoencoders for distribution information.

Vanessa is a lover of neural networks, coding, cats, playing music, and Magic: The Gathering. She hopes to eventually find a way to integrate them all.


Paris Thatos


Content creator

Paris is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, having studied neuroscience with coursework in the statistical and cognitive sciences. He has experience in the biotech space from both the equity and clinical sides, most recently designing and publishing mathematical models describing new surgical techniques in dermatology.

Paris is creating a library of literature from white papers to industry insight centered around the Sapient product.


Rick Holmes

headshots_Rick Holmes.png

Board of advisors

Marketing and Business Development client engagement expert with over 25 years experience for architecture, planning, interior design and construction firms with a concentration on the college/university and corporate facilities markets.

Over the years, Rick has collaborated with firm principals and senior staff and implemented strategies to implement marketing and business development action plans to increase market share.


Dave Yeskel

headshots_Dave Yeskel.png

Board of Advisors

Dave has nearly 30 years of experience in business operations and program management and is a customer-focused leader in energy conservation and urban tech/smart cities. With diverse experience across private and public sectors, startups, and corporate environments, Dave has served as the program manager for Lockheed Martin and directed the largest commercial real estate energy efficiency outreach program in United States while at HR&A Advisors.


Artem Mariychin


Board of Advisors

Artem Mariychin is the Senior Director, Member Data Science at Nike. Artem joined Nike when they acquired Zodiac, a predictive analytics company that he co-founded with Professors Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy. As CEO of Zodiac, he built a company that forecasted individual customer behavior and lifetime value for brands, which allowed Zodiac's clients to improve strategic decision-making and business operations. Previously, Artem was an investor at companies including Goldman Sachs, Highbridge Capital, 3G Capital, and Perry Creek Capital where he focused on identifying investment opportunities arising from industries undergoing structural change, companies facing complex situations, and disruptive technologies. Throughout his career, Artem has focused on combining statistical and quantitative analysis of granular data with deep fundamental research in order to understand investment opportunities, financial strategy, and business operations. Artem graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, completing the Roy Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management. As part of the dual degree program, he received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School with concentrations in Finance, Statistics, and Operations & Information Management and a B.A. with Distinction in Biology from the College of Arts & Sciences.


Alex Flamm


Board of Advisors

Alex Flamm is an investment professional working for CarVal Investors, a diversified asset manager. He focused on renewables and sustainability, responsible for corporate, hard asset and special opportunity investments. Prior to joining CarVal in 2014, Mr. Flamm was with Halcyon Asset Management, focused on special situation and distressed investments. Before this, Mr. Flamm was with Goldman Sachs Group and Lehman Brothers. On a personal basis, Alex has invested in early stage companies for over a decade. These investment have spanned fintech / real estate tech, consumer and software/services. He received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Finance and Accounting, obtaining the Beth Schachter Memorial Scholarship Award and graduating summa cum laude.


Dori Gurwitz

headshots_Dori Gurwitz.png

Board of Advisors

Dori is ranked at the top 5% of global workforce for Innovation and Leadership, and focuses on commercializing through innovation, business development, deal-making with strategic key technology partnerships. Dori has extensive experience working in fast-paced, early-stage, venture-backed entrepreneurial environments as well as established global multinationals.

Dori is a Techstars IoT Mentor and Alum, as well as a frequent speaker at key industry events such Mobile World Congress, CES, and NAB. 


Claus Pramer

headshots_Claus Pramer.png

Board of Advisors

Claus has several decades of experience in the finance and business management sectors. He has worked in investment management, commodities trading and derivative sales, serving first as a Managing Director in the Commodity and Derivatives Sales Division at BNP Paribas and later as a Managing Director of the Commodity and Derivatives Division at Bank of America Merill Lynch. Claus has also advised several successful mining and technology start-ups.